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When I Wish You Merry Christmas

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When I wish you Merry Christmas
I’m remembering all the love
That I’ve been blessed with through the years—
from here on earth or up above.

I wish you joy and hope and peace
and all that swells your soul
And that you’ll recognize your blessings, too
and feel you’ve been made whole.

I wish you Merry Christmas
from the memories of my youth;
I hope you will be heartened
by a special memory, too.

I wish you silent moments
like a walk through falling snow
Or light that bathes your whole hometown
and warms you in its glow.

I wish your spirit to find purpose,
and if purpose has been found,
Then I hope you’ll find a voice
that spreads your gifts to all around.

May your focus always land
on what brings cheer into your heart
And look past the petty other things
that dampen your true spark.

I hope you’ll find a home
where you forever will belong
Where any broken places in you
will be healed and come back strong.

But if your strength has all been drained this year
or nothing feels like home
I wish renewal through your winter.
Please know you’re not alone.

I pray that you’ll believe
in something greater than this life
And feel the peace of knowing
there is solace past the strife.

I wish your soul much deeper
than just happy holidays
So when I wish you Merry Christmas
this is all I mean to say.

© Krista Tibbs
Author of The Neurology of Angels

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Second-hand Grief

In Being Human on November 26, 2013 at 1:49 am

Although I only put the thoughts below on paper this October, I began to think them 20 years ago this Thanksgiving. It seems that every year since has accumulated another gray event upon this holiday, yet no matter who it is, I still don’t know how and when to say I care. So, more often than not, I say nothing.

I hurt for you, but can I say so? Maybe you don’t want to be reminded. Then again, maybe you do.

Every time you cross my mind, the pain crosses with it. We never talked about things like this, but now, how can we talk about anything else?

What do you want people to say? To do? Is it different every day? Do you even know?

Do you think about it all the time? Are you doing okay? Are you tired of being asked? Or does it help to hear that people care?

You can count on me, but I’m fumbling. So please just know: I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking of you.


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