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Book Videos: Uncertainty Principles and The Neurology of Angels

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Young Pup

In Being Human, Original Fiction on July 7, 2015 at 10:02 am

I’m just a young pup at the start of my game
When I grow up, the whole world will know of my name
I’ll be a legend like Lassie or Little Ann or Buck
I’ll spend every nice day in the back of a truck.

I’m a young pup with charm and vitality galore
I’ll bark down all of those who dare darken my door
No cat is my master, no puck I can’t block
Got a Frisbee? I’ll catch it.
All I can’t do is talk.

In my mind, I still have many more wars to wage
But my bones tell me otherwise; they creak out my age
My tail still wags happy, though some days it’s slow
And that lump in my side?
Well, no one wants to know.

The word “hockey” still sends me a shiver of glee
But the kids now go out and play without me
I love when they visit but I’m glad when they leave
Except the one I called mine; he grew up, and I grieved.

I reserve my barks now for the fiercest of guests
I avoid those darn cats; in the end, they’re just pests
I don’t chase the cars since I got hit that time
And the hill past the lake?
Well, it’s one I can’t climb.

But in my heart and my soul, I will never give up
‘Cause inside—where it counts—I’m still just a young pup.

Kindle Giveaway of “Reflections and Tails”

In Announcements on March 25, 2015 at 11:41 pm

Dear Human Readers,

Reflections and Tails is free for Kindle during March 26-30. Download your copy from Amazon,  then tell your friends. And order me some treats while you’re on there.



Dear Human Readers,

You don’t have to do what Teddy says. She’s not the boss of us.




P.S. Amazon offers a FREE Kindle Reading App for your computer, smartphone, or tablet. So you don’t even need a Kindle device to read a Kindle book! (You do, however, need opposable thumbs. Stupid human-centric world.)


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